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Why Work Here

We believe in doing the right thing.

The way we do things is just as important as what we produce. From the beginning, when our founders risked their careers on one good idea, our company philosophy has always been to encourage people to stand up and try something new. This approach is as revolutionary today as it was almost 60 years ago.

About Us Our business is built on that kind of courage – and our continuing growth depends on it. Our people know that, no matter what, they can trust us to back them up when they stick their necks out to make things better. We think that creating a supportive culture where people feel free to make their own decisions is inextricably linked to producing a better product for our customers.

We do what we think is right, on every job, every day. And with thousands of the world's sharpest and most talented engineers and technologists employed worldwide and an average length of service of over ten years, ours seems to be the right approach for a lot of people.

Looking after our own.

The people who work for us are the power and energy behind everything we do – so we're committed to looking after them in a way that really says 'thank you'. In addition to salary, we offer a benefits package that is designed to attract and motivate the best talent, and gives our employees genuine security.

As a global organization, some of our benefits vary from location to location – but wherever we are, Moog has competitive packages. Ranging from comprehensive health programs, to retirement plans, to recreational activities, our benefits are put together to give our team members and their families a feeling of security and the freedom to enjoy their lives.

Because we think it's so valuable to get along well together, we also organize recreational activities, from holiday gatherings to picnics to sporting events. To encourage personal and professional development, many locations offer assistance with tuition for advanced degrees. And of course, we look after people who are relocating as we have a generous relocation package that helps our employees throughout their transition process.

Trust is the only way we know.

Anyone who has a full time job for any company probably spends more time at work with their colleagues than they do with anyone else. In our view, that means you need to choose work you find rewarding, colleagues you can rely on and a company that respects your need for a good quality of life – both inside and outside the workplace.

We like what we do. We enjoy the challenge of creating things that the rest of the world has only ever dreamed of. Building an environment where that is possible starts with trusting that everyone you work with is competent – so we recruit carefully.

We know that we're all in it together, so when something unexpected crops up, we don't waste time looking for scapegoats, we just roll up our sleeves and sort it out, and everybody helps. Nobody is called 'mister'. And nobody has a job title that makes them sound more important than anyone else.

So this is what our company is like. Everyone comes to work and does their best. They are developed, recognized and rewarded for their efforts. They are proud of what they produce. And they're happy to go and enjoy their lives outside of work.

You might think this is a surprising way to run a business that produces such incredible, intricate, high-tech products and solutions. But we don’t know any other way to work.

Every employee around the world has a printed copy of our Culture & Values booklet in their preferred language. The booklet provides a glimpse into the Moog culture for our new employees and guides seasoned employees when they need a reminder.

They are not laws that we govern by, nor a list of statements written about an ideal state of mind. They are who we are, how we operate, and how we treat one another. By sharing and exemplifying these same values, employees become a member of the Moog community. Employees create and sustain our Company’s celebrated culture.

Through the years we have grown, evolved, and changed, but what has remained the same are our core values. They’re the reason we are able to attract the brightest talent while also retaining the best employees. They’re why so many of our customers and partners find us easy to work with, and they provide the foundation for the great products that we build.

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English - Culture & Values
Chinese - 企业文化和 企业文
Czech - Kultura & Hodnoty
Dutch - Cultuur en Waarden
French - Cultures et Valeurs
German - Kultur & Werte
Italian - Cultura e Valori
Japanese - MOOGの企業文化 (社風)と価値観
Kannada - ಸಂಸ್ಕ ೃತಿ ಮತ್ತು ಮೌಲ್ಯ ಗಳು
Korean - 문화 & 가치
Lithuanian - Kultūra ir Vertybės
Portuguese - Cultura e Valores
Spanish - Cultura y Valores

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