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Who We Are

Kindling Sparks of Brilliance

We started in 1951 with one product and a few people who worked out of an old airplane hangar in East Aurora, USA. Now, after nearly 60 years of continuous innovation, we’re a world class, nearly two billion–dollar company operating in more than 26 countries, and with customers in over 90 countries.

AboutUs The cutting–edge technology we produce today places our influence at the frontier of human endeavor. We helped put men on the moon in 1969 and right this minute our components are travelling through space, aiding satellites as they explore our universe. We make sure military aircrew are equipped to fly under the radar and our technology helps keep their devices absolutely precise. We enhance and control racing cars. We’ve helped sink a Venetian building for James Bond. And we make sure patients recover more quickly by helping create medical advances that improve quality of life.

The work we do is meaningful, challenging and rewarding.

You Can Do This

We design, manufacture and integrate precision motion control components and systems. Our high-performance solutions are used in automated industrial machinery, satellites, launch vehicles, missiles, commercial and military aircraft, and medical equipment.

Our aim is to make high performance products that are the best in the industry, admired by customers and envied by competitors. This means delving into very complex problems and inventing solutions based around the very latest technology, always staying a few steps ahead of the game. And if that means starting from scratch to make something that's never existed before, then we're pleased to accept the challenge – because delivering exceptional solutions to very specific needs is at the heart of what we offer to our customers.

In 1951, a few people bet their livelihoods on saving a good idea.

Bill Moog had been working for Cornell Aeronautical Laboratories, in a team tasked with developing automatic control devices for use in advanced aircraft and guided missile applications. Bill's part in that was to invent a practical electro-hydraulic servovalve – a high performance control device.

He developed a design that he thought was an improvement on anything that had been done before. He took it to present to Johns Hopkins University, who were funding the project. They didn't think it was a breakthrough.

By the next morning, Bill had redrawn and redesigned his ideas. This time he was certain he had come up with a truly revolutionary servovalve. He showed it to Cornell. Nobody wanted it.

Bill was undeterred. The upside of the rejection was that, because nobody saw the potential in the device, nobody was going to stand in his way if he went out and made it himself. And that's what he did. He set up shop in an old airplane hangar. His brother Art sold his house and joined him. They got Lou Geyer to come on board to test the results and explain the product to customers. And they convinced a couple of machinists to agree to make the components, even though they couldn't pay them anything until the valves were sold.

But they did sell. And before long, that original servovalve was joined, one by one, by an inspiring portfolio of breakthrough products that helped shape the most high-tech industry sectors in the world. And those first few employees were joined by a growing workforce who subscribed to the same ideals as the three founders – that tough problems only serve to challenge those who are creative and determined to come up with even more ingenious solutions.

Wherever you are in the world with Moog – whichever continent, whichever country, whichever business segment or whichever job, we want to provide all of our employees with a challenging and rewarding work experience that reflects the values and behaviors of the Moog philosophy.

Moog's Business Segments include:

  • Aircraft. The world leader in flight control systems and critical control applications, Moog Aircraft is known for developing successful solutions to motion control challenges that are viewed by others as impossible. We supply complete flight control systems and aftermarket support for commercial, military and business aircraft. Our major customers include Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop Grumman, Airbus, Gulfstream, Bombardier, and more.
  • Space and Defense. With over 60 years of experience in the space and defense business, we are the premier motion control, flow control and power/data products and solutions provider for the following markets: satellite and launch vehicle platforms, missiles, UAVs, military ground vehicles, radar systems, naval platforms, and surveillance systems.
  • Industrial. Moog Industrial Group designs and manufactures highly reliable products and solutions using motion control and power/data technologies. We combine world-class technologies with expert consultative support in a range of applications in industrial machinery, marine, medical, energy, simulation and test industries, to name a few. We help performance-driven companies to design and develop their next-generation equipment.
  • Medical Devices. We deliver advanced medical solutions that help customers succeed in critical situations where failure is unacceptable. We believe that one of our great strengths is our unique combination of advanced medical technologies and the quality of the people who support these products.

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